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Melbourne Whitten Oval 417 Barkly Street Footscray West VIC 3012

We have fun, raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


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Thank You 2018 Trivia Goers!



TOM would like to extend an enormous thank you to the 171 attendees of our trivia fundraiser on August 3rd. Together we answered 73 trivial questions, smashed over a hundred parmas, and raised a very tidy $7000.96 for St Vincent Institute's research into combination therapies to prevent Type One Diabetes. 

We are very grateful to the many individuals and businesses who supported our extremely popular raffle, which brought in over $2500. Thank you in particular to Tilnak Fine Art, PolePole & Glamp Bar, Nola & Peter Budd, Anna's Low Carb Kitchen  & The Protein Bread Co, Phillip Island Nature Parks, Mawmua Makeup Artist, Bridget Farmer, Amelia Kingston Art, To Barwyn And Back, and Stan & Maureen Hitchins. 

The final trivia rankings are below, with our congratulations to first-place getters The Inhibitors, commiserations to the Grattanistas & Extended Family (so close!) and deep affection for second-to-last-placers At Least We Tried, who we hope are making good use of the toilet paper prize they took home <3

1 The Inhibitors (on 78 points)
2 Grattanistas (on 76 points)
3 The Extended Family (on 73.5 points)
4 Shelley St Gang (on 68 points)
5 Mako's Sharks (on 67 points)
6 Lupe's Lipstick (on 64.5 points)
7= Se7en (on 61.5 points)
7= Let's Get Trivical (on 61.5 points)
8 Mouse in the House (on 56 points)
9 Winsulin (on 55 points)
10 Zero Brain Cells (on 54.5 points)
11 The Gluten Fanatics (on 51.75 points)
12 Deltra and the Goodrems (on 51.5 points)
13 One is better than two (on 48 points)
14 The Kurts (on 47 points)
15 That Team There (on 44.5 points)
16 Haemo Goblins (on 44 points)
17 Trivia Newton-John (on 43 points)
18 Dab-etez (on 41 points)
19 At least we tried (on 39 points)
20 Hi-5 (on 35 points)